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As a founding member of the International Media Development Advisers which trouble-shoots media problems in challenging environments, I work to help people develop their own versions of journalism and democracy.


Video by Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick for Central European University’s Good Drone Lab in Budapest, August 2014. It documents the biggest demonstration in 25 years, against the government’s new tax on internet usage. The Orban regime quickly withdrew its tax proposal.


Journalism’s Latest Tech Fix: The Flying iPhone

Journalism’s Latest Tech Fix: The Flying iPhone

In Africa, “journalists as a part of civil society have fallen off the radar,” according to Heather Gilberds, a Canadian media developer who works in Africa.  Radio is still the most popular medium in sub-Saharan communities, she says. Africans don’t listen to radio... read more
Hacking the Refugee Crisis

Hacking the Refugee Crisis

The hardest thing about living in Hungary is the official government ideology of hate. Lots of people in nearby countries also embrace Orban’s intolerance toward the refugees; the Polish ambassador told me last night that 80% of Poles said they would like Orban to be... read more


My friend Seth Effron in North Carolina has been handed a dream assignment: figure out how to repurpose some campus buildings to help serve the cause of good journalism. Here is my dream for his project:  Create the one and only tech hub devoted to creating journalism... read more



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